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Well, something wonderful happenned today. And here it is...

We got a kitty!!!!

Her name is Tinkerbell, but we call her Tink!

We decided today was going to be the day we were going to get a kitten. We both agreed we need to make our own happiness, so we went on a mission. We rang all the pet shops and they all had no cats. So we then went to the RSPCA, the Royal Society for Protection for Cruelty of Animals. Almost all the cats were gone, but I set my sights on this little one and fell in love.

She's a very scared little one, but full of energy. She would'nt sit still when we got her home. and wouldn't come near us. Damien's already got scratches on him. But then I got a hold of her and she calmed down and sat on my lap for ages before I put her down.

She's a real cutie. We have some more love in our house :)

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Oh and I forgot! We are trying to figure out what to see on West End in London! We want to see one play and one musical. We have seen Phantom Of The Opera once in Sydney and once in New York, Chicago in New York and Wicked in Melbourne. So what else should we see?
Any suiggestions?

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Hey guys, I have a strange request. Well, its not actually that strange, but it would really help me out.

With my job, I figure that there are so many places in this world that I haven't been and I know a lot of you guys are into travelling and even the places you live in I haven't been in either. I want to start writing down places to stay in different places in a book so that when people come in and they want to go somewhere, I ahve a big information bank to go to about different locations, hotels and good places to see.

So if you guys have time, I would love you to leave messages here about where you have been, the hotels and just some recommendations about those places. It would help me out greatly!

Thankyou soooo much in advance!

Oh and I forgot to add, even the place you live! If you have any recommendations about hotels or things to do in your area, please let me know!

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He he...today I'm using a darker colour especially for sthallion!!!He he!!!

Hows this...I've had 2 responses from sending out my resume....but they were both too far away!!Grrr!!!One would've been really cool too! I'm kinda torn whether I want to leave or not now. I'm so attached to the people at where I am now. I've got some great girlfriends there and the boys are great mates. I actually felt like I worked well today too.

Tash and I have decided to start up a lunchtime indoor mixed netball team too. It would be kinda silly if I arranged it and then left. I'm actually looking forward to it too. It will be good for a bit of extra exercise and a laugh.